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Anne Marie David - Tu te reconnaitras - Luxembourg


The Eurovision Song Contest 1973 was the eighteenth Eurovision Song Contest and held in Luxembourg. The language rule that only allowed countries to enter songs that were sung in any of their national languages was dropped, thus leading some countries to sing in English. The contest was marked by a scandal, with the Spanish song, "Eres tú", being accused of plagiarism following suggestions that it was merely a rewrite of the Yugoslav entry from the 1966 contest.   "Eres tú" was not disqualified and went on from its second place in the contest to become a huge international hit. The somewhat elliptical lyrics to Portugal's entry "Tourada" provided sufficient cover for a song that was clearly understood as a blistering assault on the country's decaying dictatorship. The 1973 contest marked the first time that a woman conducted the ESC orchestra. There were actually two - Monica Dominique conducted the Swedish entry and Nurit Hirsh conducted the Israeli entry. In the light of contests at the previous year's Munich Olympics, there were fears of a terrorist threat, particularly directed against Israel's first-ever entrant, leading to unusually tight security for the contest. This gave rise to one of the best-known Eurovision anecdotes, frequently recounted by the UK's long-serving commentator Terry Wogan. He recalled that the floor manager strongly advised the audience to remain seated while applauding the performances, otherwise they risked being shot by security forces. Luxembourg's win was their fourth. Source: Wikipedia